Conjure 4.1 New Features

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Conjure has advanced support for Spaces. With Conjure, you can specify a new background for every Space you work in.

Now your documents and notes can follow the apps you work with.

You can even switch desktops without switching spaces, if you need something on a different desktop, but want to keep everything else on the screen.

Conjure 4.1 brings a number of new features to the product line, while improving on existing ones. Watch the videos below to learn more about Conjure’s unique abilities, and how they can make you a more productive, more organized, and happier person.

Multiple Monitor Support

Conjure now supports multiple monitors. You can also easily move a desktop from one monitor to another.


Conjure’s Organizers make short work of organizing your designs into multiple layouts, and switching smoothly between them.


Conjure’s Knife makes it easy to slice up images, movies, live video, anything! And combining this with the Organizer makes it easy to rearrange anything you can take a picture of.


Clusters are Conjure’s answer to information overload. Keep all your thoughts on the desktop, but out of the way.

You can use the multiple Cluster expansion modes to get at your information in different ways, and you can even use it to prioritize your work.


People exist on Conjure desktops right alongside files, pictures, and text.

You can access anything about the person right from the desktop. Keep the people who are associated with a project on that desktop for quick access.

The Basics

With Conjure, your desktop can now store notes and drawings.

To write, just start typing. When you’re done, hit the Enter key, or click outside of the text box. To edit your text later, just double-click it.

To draw, click the spacebar, and start drawing. Option+drag to make a circle, Command+drag to make a straight line. Click the spacebar again when you’re done.

Multiple Desktops, At A Glance

Conjure lets you create an unlimited number of desktop ‘canvases’ upon which you can work.  You can see all of your Conjure desktops at a glance, and switch between them instantly.

You can switch between them using the overview, or you can use the Bunny menu, to switch desktops when they’re in the background.


In Conjure, simply command+dragging from one object to another will create a link between them. This lets you effortlessly build visual hierarchies, organizational charts, information trees, and mind maps.

Video Coming Soon...

Video Coming Soon...

Sink, Surface, and Focus

Conjure gives you unparalleled control over how you focus on your work. If you like to work on one thing at a time, Conjure can help, with its Focus mode.

If you want Conjure out of the way, tell it to Sink. When you want it back, tell it to surface.

Conjure 4.1.1 ...

New Features

*Faster start time. Conjure now loads AddressBook and inactive application menu items only when you’ve asked for them.


*Improved knife - Now works when the entire desktop is zoomed out.

*Improved translucencies  - You can now save your translucent desktop and return to it later.

*Improved support for Wacom pens

*Improved support for Mobile Me - Works with non-ASCII names of remote volumes


Fixed problem with new projects showing blank backdrops when there were spaces in folder or file names.

Fixed problems with Clusters not working right on volumes with spaces in their names.

Fixed an issue with multiple monitor support where different sized monitors would result in different settings for windows.

Fixed an issue where Desktop Overview wouldn't remember its zoom setting.

Fixed an issue where Desktop Overview showed settings at the wrong size.

Fixed an issue with the Reveal button not working right.

Fixed an issue with the desktop overview menu items not working right.

Fixed an issue where using the knife while zoomed would leave behind traces of the knife outline, in the final image.

Conjure 4.1...

New Features

*Added support for Spaces -- Customize your spaces with different desktops!

*Added support for MobileMe -- Run your desktop from the cloud

*Added support for thumb drives -- Take your desktop with you, or give it to someone else

*Added support for multiple projects -- Keep separate projects for different tasks

*Added support for multiple monitors

*Added desktop navigation from the Bunny menu--instantly hop to the desktop you want

*Added desktop navigation from desktop icons -- You can link to other Conjure desktops

*Added Organizers--powerful proxy objects that let you store and activate changes in other objects

*Added Knife tool--quickly slice up anything, even movies and pictures

*Added three new backdrops for teachers

*Added four new backdrops

*Added support for Axiotron Modbook

*Added support for page up, down, and delete keys on long keyboards.

*Added desktop thumbnails to the bunny and desktop menus

*Added the ability to link to desktops

*Added ability to close projects

*Added ability to scale the entire desktop using the mouse wheel

*Added support for Apple IR Remote


*Improved support for Clusters -- now dragging items back to them will reorganize their contents.

*Improved support for Wacom tablets

*Improved support for iChat Theater

*Improved behavior for click and double-click actions


Fixed bug where pasting small graphics would initially resize them too large

Fixed Align bottom and top bugs

Fixed paste error where pasting gives you an overly large

Fixed problem where text would show up wrong at edges of screen.

Fixed problem with overview now working if Spaces is active

Fixed some instances of ghost offset on Tablets.

Fixed bug where editing text outside the bounds of the screen wouldn't update

Fixed shadows for backdrops when zoomed out.

Made transparency go away when switching backdrops or desktops.