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Finish. It. Now.


Before beginning, plan carefully - Cicero

See where things stand, at a glance

Projects in PowerUp have

their current progress

stamped right on their icons.

So you can see, instantly,

how far along you are.

Just look on your desktop!

Turn Your To-Do List into a To-Do PLAN

PowerUp lets you create detailed maps of exactly what you need to do.

Break down complex tasks into smaller and smaller bites.

You’ll get more done, faster.

As you complete items in your list, your progress is updated automatically.

Focus Is Power

PowerUp’s Focus Mode helps you concentrate on specific tasks. Just click an item you’re having problems finishing, and the main progress bar will only track progress for that item. It will give you a fresh perspective on what needs to be done first, and keep you focused.

Know Exactly Where You Are

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how much further you had to go on a particular project? With PowerUp, you always know. Each project has a giant progress bar that shows the status, based on your results.

A whole day in 1 Hour

You’re probably lucky if you get a solid hour of productivity today. With PowerUp, you stay focused on each task you need to finish. Try it and see! Read How To Really Use PowerUp and then take it for a spin!

Based on Experience

PowerUp is based on the personal experience of dozens of freelancers, whose performance directly affects their livelihood. It’s simple, fast, and efficient, because it had to be.

(Also Based on Games)

PowerUp also borrows heavily from the video game industry, and brings 25 years of progress, shields, magic, power, and health bars into the real world. Sure, that glowing diamond will replenish your life essence, but can it get you a raise? Using PowerUp can!

Simple Drag and Drop navigation

You can easily rearrange items by dragging and dropping items around. Drag an item onto another item, and it becomes a child. Drag it back out, and both items revert to their previous state. The progress bar watches all of this, and updates itself accordingly.

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