A New Tool For A New Web
* No Cookie-Cutter Templates
* Builds Responsive, Accurate Websites
* Instantly Resizable For Every User's Browser

* Rapidly Prototype Web Pages
* Rebuild Your Old
Website Quickly
* Builds *Fast* Sites, Optimized for Mobile Devices
* Connect with Facebook and Other Social Media
* Detects and Uses Google Fonts
* Built-in LightBox engine
* 64-Bit app for OS X 10.7 or later
* Native Unity3D Support
* Native WebGL Support

Use the shape tools to prototype your web page, or just help with the design. Or, command+drag with the arrow tool to create a quick box

Doodle Away
Mark up your website designs, or just draw attention to parts of your finished site.
You can sketch or draw straight lines, and lines with arrows, using the pen and highlighter tools.

Into The Future!
Here's a list of features I'm still working on for the 1.x cycle.

Super Photo Lightbox - This will be an expansion of our existing image system. Ideally, we want to let all images you designate be expandable to full screen, and allow navigation using swipes. Most of the light boxes we've seen only allow about 70% of the screen to be used, which is really a shame on modern smartphones.

Enhanced Form Support - I think I'm pretty good at PHP. Pretty good at Perl, too. But I hate how complicated building forms is, and making sure they hook up to the underlying server code properly. CSS does a really good job of making forms pretty, but it's still not as easy as I'd like. So I'll be adding an extensive form building tool to assist.

Slide Show - This is actually different than the lightbox. This would be a drag and drop set of resources that aren't loaded until you hit a button. That way, they're super-efficient on mobile devices.

Enhanced Custom Objects - I like the idea of custom drag and drop objects, like a Vimeo engine that would let you drag a Vimeo URL from a web browser into the app, and *blammo*, you'd have an embedded Vimeo video. And then, every 'special' object should have its own info panel, so you can easily configure them without having to monkey around in the HTML. I'll make sure all of those iWeb modules make it in.

CSS Shadows - I hate that I didn't get this into this build. It's one of the best ways to add a little more zap to your page, and it's just not working properly across all browsers, yet. I really, really, wanted this in v1.0. So this will probably be the first update, for that reason.

Stencils - I can think of almost 100 shapes I'd like to be able to drop into Landscape, and immediately use. I say that, because I have about 100 shapes I've made that I'm going to add to Landscape as droppable content. But the interface isn't finished for that, yet.

Enhanced Flash Support - I still get requests to help build Flash based sites. And I *hate* trying to integrate things between a Flash front-end and a PHP back-end, especially when there are a lot of Flash modules. So yeah, this one's on the table, too.

Enhanced Unity3D Support - I spend a lot of time in Unity. And I've built a LOT of web players, over the years. But for some reason, the default Unity web player it builds, actually kinda sucks. No Facebook integration, no preview image, and the rules for custom loader bars could be easier. Plus, if you need to hook into Facebook API, or if you want to communicate with the browser, that's some next level Ninja stuff right there. I've done it, and I never want to do it by hand, again. So I'm going to take a stab at fixing all of that.

Site Navigator - There used to be a really cool visual layout tool for websites, that had an awesome way of making your gigantic, nasty spaghetti website actually navigable. Well, they were bought by a big company and apparently that product was thrown in a dumpster somewhere. So I'm going to have to make my own. An homage, if you will, to an earlier tool.

(version 1.0 has only been out a few hours, so really there aren't "frequently" asked questions yet)

Q: Why'd you make a tool that designs pages, when everyone else is making tools for entire websites?

A: Most of my freelance web work comes from clients who want to update *part* of their website. So using a tool that demands I change everything over to some random template has never been an option.

And most of my own website work stems from the need to add a page here or there, and often I want to be able to try a new look, or a new layout, without breaking everything else. This was problematic at best in the other tools I've tried.

So Landscape, from the beginning, has been about building the site I want, one page at a time.

Click here to download
Landscape 1.0 for OS X
OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

oh, I have such plans...

The price for the current version is:

A few features just weren't ready
for version 1.0.

Based on user feedback, I'll be
adding the following features in, in the coming days.

As they're added, the price will increase.
But once you buy in, you'll get all future
updates for free!

Landscape v 1.3 July 21, 2015:
Click here to download for OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later.


a fun web page tool for a more mobile web


Welcome to

Step 2: Move Things Around
* Choose between Desktop, Tablet, and Phone
* Move things around and resize as needed
* Hide things you don't need on other platforms

Step 3: Publish
* Your site looks beautiful on Phone, Tablet, and Desktop
* All CSS and HTML Markup is done for you
* Google Fonts are linked properly
* Facebook settings are configured for you
* Site looks identical on all modern browsers
* Page is optimized for speed over cell phones
* Page is optimized for Search Engine Optimization

A video will go here.
A video I'm recording now.
So just hang on a little longer.
It will be amazing.

This software is made by me, Chilton Webb. Everything on this website is
(c) 1996-2014, All Rights Reserved.
Email me by sending a message to chiltonwebb at gmail dot com

Stop reading and try it out!
Seriously, I'm not trying to oversell it.

No website design tool is perfect,
and Landscape won't do everything you'll ever need--yet.

But I plan on getting pretty close.

I made this out of frustration with the existing tools, and you're probably here for the same reason.

So try it out. Kick the tires.

And good or bad, please let me know
what you think!

-Chilton Webb

Outta My Way!
Our Background mode and ability to hide things you don't want to work with, make building responsive websites a snap. Switch into background mode to build your backdrop, then switch out and build your website on top!

Build your site like you want, then click a button and move things around to fit the other sizes. It also optimizes results, so cell phone users don't download images they can't see. It couldn't be easier.

Well, it could be easier, but it would look ugly.

Use the Flowchart tool to build structured diagrams quickly and easily. Just drag and drop between objects, and then move those objects around. Flowcharts have never been easier!

But, over 99% of all websites are not designed for mobile devices!

Don't be a statistic!

Slice n Dice
The knife tool, a Landscape exclusive feature, lets you dissect any image you place in Landscape so you can rearrange it. You can use this with business cards, photos, even entire websites. Slice it up, rearrange it like you like, and build your page!

Step 1 : Design
* Use boxes as placeholders if you want
* Drag and drop anything--files, apps, pictures
* To add text, just type!
* Use Google Fonts for more attractive pages
* Add custom HTML easily

( It really doesn't get easier! )

Over half of all web searches are from Tablets and Phones.

Do cell phone users
really matter?