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Thank you for your interest in Conjure. There are many registration options. Choose wisely. Regret is a terrible burden.

Lifetime Ultimate: $200

If you want a lifetime subscription to everything ConjureBunny Software makes, including Landscape, Conjure, PowerUp, and all of our games, that's $200. This is probably what you want, because we will be around for a long time, and 20 years from now you'll be all, "wow, I'm sure yippy I slapped $200 at that action!" or however we'll talk then.

Ultimate Conjure: $50.

If you want a lifetime subscription to Conjure, that's $50. That's also a good plan, because Conjure itself will be around for a long time. You'll get every version ever made, for life. There have been over 100 updates of Conjure since 1.0, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

Standard: $25.

If you want a normal registration key for the current (4.x) cycle, that's $25. It's not glamorous, but it's what you'd get if you bought this at Target or Walmart. Assuming we could ever get shelf space at Target or Walmart, which I'm pretty sure we cannot.

Teacher: $12.50

Are you a teacher? Seriously, you need this. Please stop using whatever crap the district makes you use, and use this. Your children will thank you, and you'll have smarter students.

Upgrade: $10.00

You can buy an upgrade from an earlier version to a standard 4.x registration for a paltry $10.

Software developer / artist / student / just paid your cell phone bill: $5

I've been there, bro. If you just want this current version, you can buy that for $5. Seriously. No strings attached. But no updates, either. When the next update shows up, no free update for you. But yeah, this version, all features, $5.

Just remember me when you're famous, because I'm good at polishing fancy cars.

Once You've Registered

Our automated system will send you a serial number within 24 hours of your purchase. If you have any questions, let me know!

Thank you,

Chilton Webb

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