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Conjure: The Desktop, Redux
With Conjure, your desktop is transformed into a springboard for your existing software, a place to brainstorm, test new ideas, write notes, draw pictures, and link together files, URLs, even PEOPLE!
User Comments 
“Our studio uses Conjure for every meeting, every mock-up, keeping track of every stupid little file, sketch, EVERYTHING!!!. It’s the basis for every project we work on now. And THEN, when we finish something, we use it AGAIN to show off our final product to our clients. This tiny, ****ing wonderful bunny has completely changed our game.” 
- D.O., Graphic Artist, NYC.

“I've been using Conjure for over a month, and I love it.”

“That's some slick desktop management, buddy” 
- M.H.B., 3D Artist

“You have distilled the complex process of managing graphics assets, design notes, arbitrary files, and now people into a simple, unassuming concept. This is the future of this industry, and programs like this are why I am a Mac user.” 
- A.G.H., Graphic Artist, San Francisco, Ca.

“I use Conjure for all of my classes now. I take notes with my keyboard (duh), snap pictures of anything they put on the board with the camera thingie, and usually have it record the audio for a lecture. And now, I have all of my classes and all of my stuff in one place. Amazing. “ 
- A.A.H., Student, University of Texas.

I used to have this giant desk in my office, and I had a pile for everything I was working on. It broke a year ago, and I haven’t found a good replacement. But Conjure has become my ‘big desk’ on my Mac. I keep all of my lectures on it now, and I use it with our classroom projectors to drive my classes. Our department was planning to switch to PCs over the holidays this year, but they couldn’t find anything like Conjure for the PC, so for the time being, you’ve saved my Mac! ****ing brilliant!!!
- B.T.S., Professor, U.K. Buy All 2.x Versions: $25
or Buy Just This One: $5
You’ll be amazed at how this simple set of concepts can completely change how you use your other software.
                         Case studies coming soon!
In the meantime, why don’t you just try it out for yourself?
Come on, everyone’s doing it.
It’s fun. You’ll like it. And it costs less than a cup of coffee.
(Depending on where you buy your coffee.)
Download Conjure v2.4
In the Trial version:
1) You can only use up to 3 Desktops at a time.
2) It has a watermark on various screens.
Other than that, there are no differences between the trial version and the full version. So go on, use the heck out of it. Three desktops is two more than you have now. And when you realize how much better life is with three desktops, think about how nice an UNLIMITED number of desktops would be...